Borrow, don't buy 

A Library of Things is a place where you can borrow items or ‘Things’ that you might need to use just now and again - think power tools for a tricky DIY job, garden equipment to tidy up your outside space or allotment and event/party items such as a fondue set or chocolate fountain.

By borrowing these Things, you don't have to buy them and you don't have to store them yourself. It's a great way to save money and space. Not only that, it's a proven way to reduce the environmental impact of buying and owning items that are rarely used.

We now have more than 300 items you can borrow and are adding new Things all the time. Check out our most popular categories, become a Member and start borrowing today!





Where to find us

The Library of Things is in the Share and Repair Shop. 8, Broad Street, Bath. BA1 5LJ

Opening Times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (10am-1pm) / Saturday (10am-12pm)

About us

The Library of Things is run by Share and Repair. Based in Bath and North East Somerset, our aims as a charity are to help local people save money and the planet by reducing, repairing and reusing.

Alongside the Library of Things, we run monthly Repair Cafes (and repair sessions in the shop) in and around Bath. Our HOW TO Workshops (currently on hold) help teach people repair skills — all via an ever-growing team of fabulous volunteers. Why not check out our latest volunteer opportunities and get involved?

Charity No 1189015