Library of Things

Before you borrow, we invite you to register and join as a Full Member. As a member, you'll save 25% on all weekly borrowing costs. The membership fee is £10 per year and goes towards supporting and expanding the Library of Things.

Alternatively, you can lend items with a Free Membership (no discounts applied). 


Please bring TWO forms of ID and your payment (card or cash) when you come to collect your item.

Opening Times:

Wednesday:    10-11 am

Thursday:          9.30-10.30 am 

Friday:                11.30-12.30 pm  

Saturday:          9.30-10.30 am

The Library of Things will also be open between 10 am to 1 pm on December 14th (the date of the next Repair Cafe Weston). 

Call 07486 518197 if you have a query about a specific item or would like to borrow a Thing at another time. 


If you'd like to help us staff the Library of Things, please get in touch. We currently have vacancies for the front desk at the Library of Things (basic computer skills required.

To GET INVOLVED, email or call Lorna on 07486 518197. 

Item Donations

Have you thought about donating items to the Library of Things? Do you have any of the following items cluttering up your home/garage? Are they in good working condition?

If so, please consider donating them either permanently or temporarily. 


  • Camping equipment (tents, camping stoves, chairs, etc) 
  • Speakers & PA system
  • Small stepladder and/or Telescopic Ladder
  • Number cake tin moulds.  We have a 1 and an 8 (and a 6/9). Do you have a 0 or a 5?
  • Digital Projector