How it works 

You can borrow items or ‘Things’ that you only need to use from time to time from Bath Library of Things.

Our most loaned items are the professional carpet cleaner and pressure washers — but people borrow all sorts of Things — drills and sanders for DIY; leaf blowers and strimmers for tidying up the garden; and fun Things including tents, gazebos, chocolate fountains or cake tins.

By borrowing Things for a small fee, you don't have to buy them. It saves you money and helps the environment too by reducing consumption. What's not to like?!

How to join

Step 1: Register your details.

Step 2: Choose a Membership to complete the joining process.

Our five Membership options are:

Pay as You Go

  • Cost: Free
  • Period: Ongoing
  • No discounts on loans

Best Friend/Student

  • Cost: £20 (Student is free with valid NUS card)
  • Period: Annual
  • 25% off every loan

Proud Supporter

  • Cost: £50
  • Period: Annual
  • No loan fees

Super Supporter**

  • Cost: £80
  • Period: Annual
  • No loan fee
**The Super Supporter Membership allows us to donate memberships to local charities for those in need!

How to borrow

Step 1: Reserve an item (check out our full catalogue). Add credit to your account. If not, we can take payment when you collect.

Step 2: Pick up your item from the Library of Things at the Share and Repair Shop. Please bring two forms of ID the first time you borrow.

Step 3: Use item, clean, and return on time, (all members are charged late fees at £1 a day).

    Check out other Frequently Asked Questions too or call us on 07486 518197 if you want to ask about a specific item or have any other questions.