Welcome! We hope you find useful things in our library.

Before you can borrow, we invite you to join as a Full Member which means you'll save 25% on all weekly borrowing costs. Membership is £10 per year. Alternatively, you can stick with Free Membership which doesn't come with any discounts.

Please bring 2 forms of ID and your payment (card or cash) when you come to collect your item.

Next repair cafe at Weston Hub 13th of July. The library of things will be open during this time, 10 am to 1 pm.

Our current opening times are as follows:

Wednesday  10-11 am

Thursday       9.30-10.30 am 

Friday             11.30-12.30 pm

Saturday        9.30-10.30 am

We are currently in the process of changing our opening times. Please keep checking here for opening hours, until we have finalised our new hours of operation.
If you'd like to borrow an item please call us on 07486 518 197 and we will make arrangements with you.

If you'd like to VOLUNTEER with us, please send us an email to hello@shareandrepair.org.uk or call on 07486 518197

Wish List

Here's some of the other items we'd like to be able to offer...Do you have one in good working condition you could donate?

Camping equipment
Speakers & PA
Stepladder or Telescopic Ladder
Wallpapering Table
Birthday or number themed cake tin moulds